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Hayley captivated counsellors, therapists and teachers when she presented a day’s seminar at our organisation, and was so generous with her time in answering questions. Her examples of using dramatherapy in practice was enlightening, and it was gratifying to see how everyone was willing to participate. The feedback was unanimous in stating the excellence of the seminar Hayley facilitated, and requested that she was asked to return.”

Dr. Elaine Arnold, Lecturer, Founder & Director of Supporting Relationships and Families (SRF)

“Hayley is enthusiastic and works in an inclusive and flexible way. She established an excellent therapeutic alliance with her patients, and the techniques she used to support them to make progress in some very difficult areas was praised by clinical teams.”

Kathryn Ayles, Service Line Lead for Allied Health Professions & Patient Experience at Trevor Gibbens NHS Forensic Medium Secure Unit

“Hayley has been committed to the therapeutic community which has been appreciated by the staff team and prisoner members. She has earned the respect of prison officer colleagues and demonstrated the value of dramatherapy to this very complex client group, which is a significant achievement.”

Victoria Gavin, Group Analyst & Therapeutic Community Manager at HMP Send

“In all my work with Hayley, I have found her to be extremely conscientious and professional.  She has a good working relationship with the staff and has a terrific manner with all the children.  She is both patient and empathetic to their needs; she is also encouraging and compassionate.”

Noel Gibb, Interim Head Teacher at Rutherford School